Wilco's Services

Wilco has one mission, and that is to help people financially. He does this through several avenues:


1.) Seminars – Wilco offers full day or two-day financial conferences, teaching people a new way of working with money.


2.) Keynotes  – You can book him to do a 30 minute to 2 hours presentation for your company, church, or school.


3.) Consulting – Wilco’s main focus is to consult businesses to stabilize the finances, and increase profitability via several methods.


4.) Coaching – You can appoint Wilco as your personal financial coach to meet on a weekly basis. The program is called Wilco Masterclass™.


5.) Mentorship – If one-on-one coaching is not for you, there is a group mentorship program called Wilco’s Inner Circle™.


6.) Books – Wilco is the author of God & Geld – Biblical principles for financial freedom, as well as the co-author of two other books.


7.) Blogs – You will also find his empowering financial philosophy in his lates blog posts.


8.) Courses – His online shop offers courses ranging from breaking financial strongholds in your life, to courses on how to write and publish books.


9.) Webinars – From time to time Wilco’s hold a online workshop or webinar to equip people with innovative insights on money.


10.) Videos – Wilco has a host of free video resources with his teachings and practical tools in business, and personal finance.


11.) Podcasts – Whilst driving you can tune in to one of his many podcasts on the subject healthy finances.

Author | Speaker | Business Consultant

Financial Breakthrough

Full Day Seminar

The lack of money and excess debt is not the problem, it’s only a symptom of the problem. In this full day seminar Wilco shares the secret on how to alter your financial destiny, by amending your personal financial philosophy. This course starts with an inspiring keynote, followed by Wilco’s Financial Health Assessment™, and concluding with a practical workshop to internalise concepts and apply methods.

Business Growth

Tailored Strategic Consulting

Wilco will help you thrive in a disruptive world. His boutique strategy & advisory consultancy firm’s services may include defining the basics of a business, to restructuring the company, to optimize performance, seal revenue leaks and improve profitability. Expand your business through his expert innovative approach.

Empower Leadership

One-on-one Financial Coaching

Based on this evaluation and gathered data, with personal one-on-one coaching this long-term strategic plan will take your finances forward. This private coaching called Wilco’s Masterclass™, will focus on the goal of financial health, and provide the tools and expertise needed to not only achieve this, but also potential opportunities for improvement along the way.

Competitive Advantage

Wilco's Group Mentorship

Join the weekly financial group mentorship program, Wilco’s Inner Circle™, for weekly online meetings, private group chats with other entrepreneurs, and all the inside information on turning your financial life around.

Financial Freedom

God And Money

Wilco’s first book is called God & Money. In this manuscript he penned down how to escape the rat race by applying Biblical wisdom and principles in your finances. It is as much practical as spiritual, compiled in a style which is easy to read.

Overcoming Strongholds

Wilco's Relevant Courses

Learn and grow at your own pace. Wilco offers several courses, not only on Biblical finances, but also on how to write, publish, and sell your own book.

Innovative Insights

Wilco's Online Webinars

With the help of technology, Wilco presents online webinars based on Biblical finances. Here he shares innovative insights and practical steps in order to become financially free.

Youth Empowerment

Wilco's School Project

Teaching financial principles should start in school. Wilco not only communicates in a simple yet effective manner for teenagers to grasp the complex world of money, but he also emphasise the dangers of debt.


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Wilco's Videos

Saak van dringendheid

Finansiële voordeel of vrede


Gevare van skuld

Jou perspektief


“Wilco geluk met ‘n baie gawe produk wat ook volledig is! Dit is ‘n pragstuk alhoewel die inhoud eintlik van groot waarde is. Geluk met die grootse prestasie!”

Prof. Marius Nel

“God & Geld is ’n aangrypende boek oor die rol van geld in die Bybel. Hierdie omvangryke werk
help jou nie net om reg oor besittings na te dink nie, maar ook hoe om dit met die nodige wysheid
in jou eie lewe te bestuur. God & Geld bied ’n baie noodsaaklike Bybelse perspektief op finansies, asook hoe om dit te gebruik tot eer van ons Heer. Lees dit! Doen dit! Leef dit!”

Prof. Stephan Joubert

“Uitstekende boek! Goed nagevors, lekker skryfstyl, solied waarheid, potensiaal om jou lewe radikaal te verander as jy die wysheid toepas. Ek beveel dit aan vir almal.”

Werner Strauss

“Hierdie boek is veel meer as ‘n boeiende leesstof oor ‘n saak wat elke mens raak – dit kan as handleiding vir die lewe bestudeer word.”

Dr. Isak Burger

“Beslis een van my beste besluite om sy seminaar by te woon.”

Jolene Stokes

“Wilco Naumann presented an enlightening workshop on Finances. I am applying what I have learned, and I feel like I am more in control of my finances now. Financial freedom, here I come!”

Esther Boersma

“One conversation with Wilco and it will completely change your perspective of finances! Guaranteed!”

André De Villiers

“I will recommend him to anyone, it was life changing day for me and my wife.”

Brandon Brooks  

“Absolutely a God-fearing man. He wears the new self which Christ gave him and teaches us from his gifts of the Most High.”

Stefan van der Merwe

“I thought I knew how to work with money. Reality check. l didn’t know. I had an eye opener. This seminar gave me a new way of looking at money and how to handle/spend money. Worth every sent. I learned a lot and I know you would too.”

Annelize Nieman