Do you want to escape the rat race?

And live financially free?

The way Jesus Christ intended?

No stress?

No anxiety?

No late payments?

No empty promises?

I might just have the answer for you!

I love Christ, and believe through the Holy Scriptures I found the answer to the problem of financial chaos. 

I spent many years studying the subject on Biblical finances. My finding together with the knowledge I gained over the years in building a business, working in corporate environments, and serving as a Councillor to a municipality, has been published in the book: God & Money. 

I also speak on the topic of Biblical principles regarding money, and offer a solution to debt free living, healthy stewardship, and escaping the rat race.

Throughout I continue to work with individuals on improving their personal finances through coaching, as well as consulting with organizations in order to improve their systems, procedures, and off course, their bottom lines.

Through my lectures, seminars, workshops, one-on-one coaching and consulting, I teach financial education, both spiritual and practical. One of the seminars I also go in to depth about how I made money in property investments, starting out with no money.

I hope through my videos, podcasts, blog, or seminars, you will find the financial freedom that you deserve. Love, Wilco.