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Wilco’s Masterclass™


Monthly Personal Financial Coaching Package



Wilco’s MASTERCLASS™ is a tailor-made financial mentorship program where you will meet on a weekly basis with Wilco via Zoom to discuss and assess your financial health, and implement new financial strategies.


This mentorship program is based on Biblical financial stewardship principles. It will help you to turn your finances around, for good. This mentorship program for individuals include some of the following aspects:


– Weekly one-on-one consultation sessions (45min)
– Complete financial health assessment
– Financial snapshot one (Assets / Liabilities)
– Financial snapshot two (Income / Expenditure)
– Financial health test (90 Questions, 30 Min to complete)
– Preparation of budget month 1
– Preparation of budget month 2
– Preparation of budget month 3
– Budget template for future
– Implementation of budget
– Drawing up a financial plan
– Drawing up a debt repayment schedule
– Accountability with regard to plan / budget / debt
– Financial seminar workbook (Full course including all biblical principles, dangers, traps of money etc.)
– Personal whatsapp line (Questions, advice, queries etc.)


The cost is:

R2,499 per month per individual.

R3,499 per month per married couple.


The minimum amount of months for sign-up is 3 months, however 6 months is recommended for full implementation of the turn-around strategy.


Should you have any more questions, kindly contact Wilco directly.


Email: info@wilconaumann.com


Whatsapp: https://wa.me/message/HLMVZEWHHBE5H1